Japanese Beauty Grand Prix

I established the Do Justice fashion brand. The concept of the brand is Japanese culture and the beauty of the Japanese kimono. More than 60 people attended the interview for my new fashion brand. The current trend in worldwide fashion is to cut cost and inexpensive production. 
The boom to make clothes paying low wages and mass production has moved production out of Japan. Even though Japan has many fashion schools, it is the reason there is no work in the industry. I would like to present the concept of Japanese beauty with Tradition Japan all over the world. Japanese people in and outside Japan, want to express Japanese beauty as well as increase the opportunities for Japanese artists in Japan. For these reasons, I developed the Japanese Beauty Grand Prix competition. I think it is the first step.


Grand Prix Theme



To create an original shoe design using Japanese beauty as the focus.


Womenfs white dress shoes, low-pumps.

Special Consideration

A Penelape Cruz
B Cameron Diaz
C Charlie Theron

Contestants choose the celebrity of their choice as a possible client for the design!!

Grand Prix Rules

(Phase 1) Consists of drawing a shoe design for womenfs white dress shoes on a Grand Prix form and submit to Do Justice.

(Phase 2) Consists of using a shoe model for actual design and submit to Do Justice.

(Phase 3) Consists of the finished shoe designs being judged and a winner selected.

Please note* All contestants for Phase 2 will be selected from suitable Phase 1 contestants.

Japanese Beauty Grand Prix
yPhase 1z
January 15th to February 20th, 2010

yPhase Qz
February 26th to March 20th, 2010

yPhase Rz
March 26th to April 10th, 2010

yContest ending datez
April 17th.2010

1st Prize- 300,000-. 1person
2nd Prize- 100,000-. 2people
3rd Prize- Tradition Japan Gift. 5people

Do Justice brand custom jeans value up to 50,000

Entry SheetPDF_E[h
If necessary:
Please come by the Do Justice shop at Nakameguro stn.in the Nakameguro Arena Bldg. #303 for information and design template.

Sponsor:Tradition Japan & Do Justice

Cooperation : OZ Art ^ Contents Factory Co.Ltd

What is motto of the grand prix contest?

I want to introduce Japanese beauty to the world with Tradition Japan. There are Japanese all over the world that would like to know about tradition and culture.
I want to provide opportunities for hardworking and creative people in Japan.
I think this contest is the first step.

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